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Idea: build massive wealth with foreclosures

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Make money with foreclosures.
Jeffrey Ringold
CEO of Massive Foreclosure Profits

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Jeffrey Ringold
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"Following Jeff's real estate advice, I made $7,000 in one transaction
that took one hour."

-Brian Bayer, Michigan

"The information that is shared in this course is priceless. Most real
estate agents and mortgage brokers don't even know this formula."

-Jenny Kresnak, Mortgage Broker

How To Build Massive Wealth In Real Estate Foreclosures!

A simple, yet powerful and proven formula that will grab you by the hand and
walk you step by step to your real estate fortunes!

Dear Friend,

It's crazy.

I've stumbled across a simple little formula that builds massive wealth
through real estate foreclosures. If you're interested in firing your
boss, working when you want to, and staking your claim in the billion
dollar real estate industry, then listen up:

Perhaps this is your first visit to this site and you're unfamiliar
with Jeffrey Ringold. If so, you'll find his credentials and background
information below.

On the Internet, it's tough to know who to believe. There are so many
people making ridiculous claims, it's insane. It's like day after day,
you get hit with hype pitch after hype pitch. In a moment, I'll tell
you specifically what I can do for you. But first, here is why you
should believe me to begin with:

Here are 4 good reasons to believe what I say:

One: I'm NOT going to promise you can make $250,000 a year or a month
or $2,000 a day. That's total hype. I don't know you, your skills nor
your background. How could I guarantee such a thing?

Two: During my career I've bought or sold over $12,000,000 (12 million)
in real estate property. I'm recognized as one of the leading experts
in my niche market of condominium conversions and I'm consulted by
leading real estate developers or investors almost daily. I've
accomplished all this by the age of 27.

I've been a licensed real estate agent and investor for 7 years. I
began my career by managing $8 million in real estate at the age of 20.
From there I was trained and mentored by an individual who has bought
and sold over 16,000 homes during his career.

Three: I have helped individuals with absolutely zero real estate
experience make tens of thousands of dollars...some in the matter of
hours. One individual that I advise has generated revenues of up to $30
million in one year.

How many of these dudes selling "How to make money in real estate" have
even one client in the real world? Not to mention a multi,
Four: I don't hide behind my web site or any fake email addresses. My
direct phone number is 586-477-4788. It's been the same number for
about 7 years and I don't plan on it changing. I answer the phone
myself when I'm around.


The testimonials below and to the left are just a small sample of
people who have consulted me or followed the techniques of this
product. My customers are both real estate pros and novices alike. My
formula works for everyone willing to try it.

CEO of FixerUpperFortunes
Sal Vannutini,


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"My biggest secret to becoming a real estate millionaire is seeking out
other successful investors and learn what they do. When it comes to
learning about foreclosures, you can't beat Jeff Ringold. Unlike other
products, 'How To Build A Massive Fortune Through Real Estate
Foreclosures', delivers on all the facts and lays it out in simple,
easy to follow step by step plan and system that even my 10 year son
can understand."

Sal Vannutini Is An Internationally Published Author,
Lecturer And Real Estate Mogul

"On my first NOD (notice of default) deal I was able to profit
$22,115.22 in only 1 week. "
Colleen D.
Portland, OR
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"I'm a medical doctor who has become a major real estate investor over
the last 10 years. I've bought and sold millions of dollars in real
estate and currently own commercial shopping plazas, rental properties,
and 2 real estate developments. The formula that Jeff teaches you in
this product is invaluable information. I've consulted with Jeff for
over 3 years and he is hands down one of the sharpest guys in our
David Jankowski,
Anesthesiologist and Real Estate Investor

Buying foreclosed homes.
Jennifer Kresnak,
Mortgage Broker and New Mother


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"Jeff, I've got to hand it to you...your product has shared ideas and
techniques that I've never heard about in my 5 years as a mortgage
broker. I've worked closely with a number of real estate experts and
mortgage experts who've never even mentioned what your product has
taught me in such a short amount of time. Thanks so much for making it

"I had absolutely zero real estate experience and by following Jeff's
guidelines I was able to make $7,000 on a transaction that took
literally one hour! The information that I've learned from Jeff has
since brought me tens of thousands of dollars in the real estate
business and I work it in my spare time."
Brian Bayer,
Steel Industry

Testimonials Prove My Formula Works for ALL Types of People

Of course, some of those testimonials represent exceptional results,
and aren't indicative of average performance. Your results will vary.
Let me say this: I lose orders to some of my competitors because I
don't make outrageous claims. (In fact, I have a page of legal
disclosures). But I'm hoping you're savvy to understand that claims
like these are totally bogus.
People sometimes ask me: "Jeff, aren't those testimonials just made
up?" Nope. Why make 'em up when I get new ones every day? I've got many
more I haven't published. Besides that, in the USA making up
testimonials is fraud and you go to jail for it!

Here's How I'm Going To Help You
Create Massive Wealth In Real Estate Foreclosures!

OK. Let's get down to the good stuff. You're interested in generating
income through real estate foreclosures or you wouldn't be reading
this, right? The question is, what is the best way for you to learn how
to do it?

You can read some boring book from a bookstore that tells you the same
outdated information that everybody else already knows. You could
$800 - $2,500 on a real estate seminar where you'll waste 2 or 3 days
sitting in a hot room scribbling notes and getting pitched for a higher
priced seminar by the instructor at the front of the room.

You could also buy an audio tape course or CD course for $150 - $300
and after spending hundreds of bucks and giving up your weekend
listening to it, you're now into the deal with a lot of time, a lot of
money, and a bunch of regurgitated information that still doesn't break
down the steps of 'how to'.

Without the 'how to', you may walk out the door and bomb. You may lose
your shirt. Don't get me wrong, you can make big bucks with these
other systems. They can give you tons of information. But this
information is not what will make you money. You need a step-by-step
formula...A to Z...start to finish...a true 'how to' formula.

That's exactly what my system is-- it's a formula. This is a simple
little formula that builds massive wealth through real estate
foreclosures. It has been developed out of life experience and, most
importantly, it works.

Would you like to wake up in the morning because you're finished
sleeping and not to the annoying ringing of an alarm clock? How about
creating an extra $500 to $5,000 per month in spendable income? What
about building a nest egg for retirement that is proven to be one of
the fastest and most explosive methods of its kind?

It doesn't matter if your 18 years old or 85 years old. These methods
work. And if used properly, consistently and with a work ethic
sometimes work extremely quick.

This formula uses a time-tested and proven system. No other product
even comes close to offering you the same step-by-step plan to
improving your financial position and your lifestyle.


foreclosure tips The Simple Little Formula that builds massive wealth
through real estate foreclosures.

foreclosure tips The one most critical ingredient that other courses
fail to tell you.

foreclosure tips Shocking real-life statistics about who controls the
wealth in this country that most experts will never share-- if after
learning this, you aren't motivated to get off your butt, then you
never will.

foreclosure tips How to track properties through the entire foreclosure
process-- not just part of the way. This is where the real money is

foreclosure tips Direct marketing campaigns that are time-tested and
proven to get results-- the response of just one of my techniques will
astound you. It could put thousands of dollars in your pocket. No one
else is teaching this.

foreclosure tips The three types of foreclosed properties.
Understanding what they are and the differences between them may
skyrocket your income. You'll learn about all of them.

foreclosure tips Why foreclosures are at a 30-year historical high and
how you can use it to your advantage to reach your financial goals.
You owe it to yourself and your family to stake a claim in this modern
day gold rush.

foreclosure tips How to find foreclosed properties. Knowing this may
save you hundreds of hours of research time.

foreclosure tips Why starting your own part-time business can place you
in the top 5% of achievers in this country.

foreclosure tips How to find preforeclosures and ways to snatch them up
for the highest profits.

And that's just the beginning. There is much more:

3 simple ways to outperform your competition and get motivated
sellers to contact you.

Exactly when a homeowner begins losing their home and the
first step you take-- it's not what you think.

How to understand the distressed seller and the psychological
tactics that will practically have them eating out of your hand.

You'll learn the exact moment when the foreclosure opportunity
clock begins to tick and how to physically locate the property. Use
this to your advantage to gather information about the condition of the

I tell you exactly who to talk to in order to find the homes
in your area that are in the foreclosure process.

The one question to ask that may save you hours of legwork.

Where to find one piece of information that gives you an
approximate fair market value of the property-- and how this gives you
an unfair advantage over the competition.

Software that I use that can turn your investing business into
an all out massive profits machine-- miss this and you'll feel like
you're in the dark ages.

Tips to organize a weekly plan and a step-by-step system to
get your business running on autopilot.

How not to act with the homeowner. Mess this up and you'll
watch your hard work go down the toilet.

Understanding the initial steps of the homeowner and how to
sit back and let them crawl to you.

The jaw-dropping, heart-pounding 'Deck of Cards' technique.
This is the best kept secret of all time. I'm the only one that will
teach you this one. It's my personal favorite and you'll be talking
about it for years.

Experts say that this is the number of contacts you must have
with the homeowner before they'll do a deal. This course maps it out
for you.

How to get your mail to stand out amongst the rest and why
most investors are doing it wrong.

The riskiest time during foreclosure. Mess this up and you
could lose your ass.

Sample sale's letter that the 'gurus' are using to suck up
properties like a twister on steroids. This alone will save you hours
upon wasted hours of learning and figuring it out on your own.

How to use cheap audio to give yourself a unique advantage and
persuade the homeowner to sell their property to you.

The 'Alternative Delivery' secret that dramatically increases
response rates and increases your income-- one more technique nobody
else teaches.

The final nail in the coffin is managing responses from owners
in preforeclosure-- don't lose the deal by failing to do this.

Why meeting with the homeowner can be your BIGGEST waste of
time. Here is THE critical question to ask them on the phone.

You'll learn about a phenomenal resource that equips you to
tip the scales in your favor while negotiating with the homeowner-- use
this one to get more of what you want in your every day life.

How to structure the deal. A guideline to determine exactly
what you want to make on every transaction and why it's different for

Authorizing the purchase: Don't become a major horror story
by doing this part wrong. Failure to do this one tiny thing can burn
you for years to come.

Want a second chance to own the property? Here's how you can
get it-- what to look for and why your risk increases.

The auction that can yield major profits.

Understanding that there is no finance contigency at public
auctions and what this means to you.

How the homeowner thinks after a public auction and why
understanding this can save you a major headache.

Cement flush technique-- are you aware of this risk? You will
be after this.

Where to look for REO's. A goldmine that saves you hours of
research time and why the bank doesn't want people to know.

Get the upper hand on a bank property by using a simple
technique that you'll learn. Knowing this one secret can make you
thousands on a single deal.

How to get an army of people bringing you the deals that you
want. This gives you more time reeling in big profits.

You'd better know the answer to this question or you'll make a
rookie mistake and have other professionals thinking your're a clown.

Learn how and where to quickly find partners for a win-win
relationship and how to get them lining up for deals.

You already know about the Internet, but here's one way to
bring in bucket loads of cash with REO's.

The 'Sewing Circle' formula that almost everyone overlooks--
you'll become an expert at this and outperform several competitors.

An 'Insider Information' technique-- a perfectly legal way to
point you towards powerful profits and it's not rocket science.

Step-by-step formula to shoot you light years ahead of

Definition of a Sheriff's Deed and how to capitalize on it--
follow my system and you'll be light years ahead.

The tracking technique that when implemented can bring in
thousands of profiting dollars through real estate.

3 money making options when you take ownership of the property
and the power combination-- this can give you upfront cash flow, long
term wealth, and a retirement nest egg that people dream about.

About now you're expecting me to tell you I can show you how to make
$10,000 a day, week or a month -- whatever. Guess what? Not gonna
happen. Not here. I'm not going to hype you. I lay out my formula. But
I don't know your market nor your work ethic. So how could I with any
integrity represent or even imply that I can show you how to make
'X'-dollars monthly or yearly? You know and I know that that's totally
bogus. Don't fall for the hype.

I picked up Jeffrey Ringold's product not to long ago and I liked a lot
about it. It had a direction to follow, definite things to do to make
things happen and we are working the program as he laid it out and the
phone is ringing. We have people calling us and that's what you need!
I would recommend it to others and it has good value. If you follow it
the way it's laid out you'll probably do pretty well whether you've
been in real estate as long as me or not!


Click The Play Button
To Hear His Message.
Joe Bodek,
Real Estate 35 years

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Product
that does not meet these criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding these products - especially on
the Internet.

Let me share the things that set us apart in my mind.

1. I guarantee my product.

Guarantees show you that we are confident enough to put the risk on our
shoulders and take it off of yours. I know that this product will help
you. The information contained in this product has generated millions
of dollars.

2. Here's how you can contact me.

Too many internet companies lose credibility because they hide from
their customers. I have a dedicated customer support staff ready to
serve you. You can reach us anytime at:

Contact us by email here.


Contact us by phone: 586-477-4788

3. This product is a 'step-by-step' formula.

There are other products out there that will share some information
about making money in real estate foreclosures, however they save their
best money making secrets for the expensive seminars that they charge
an arm and leg for.

My product is different. It directs you on exactly what to do in order
to make the big bucks. It says step 1 do this, and step 2 do that, and
step 3 do this, etc. It leaves no question unanswered, no stone

This is the only product you'll need to follow. You won't need to
attend any $1,500 seminars or buy $250 worth of audio tapes.

This is it. Period.

4. You can do this on a shoestring budget.
You'll learn methods that take very little cash to start. A lot of
people teach methods that do work. But they take a lot of money for
advertising and marketing. Where does that get you if you can't afford
the methods? I'm going to tap you into my best resources to save you
all the money possible.
5. You get INSTANT ACCESS to this product.

My product is downloaded from the Internet. After your payment is
submitted, you'll be directed to a private download page where you'll
download your copy of my system. No waiting. You'll have this money
making formula in your hands only minutes after deciding to own it.

Here is exactly what to expect when you order my product:
1) You click the "Order Now" button at the bottom of this letter.
2) You fill out the required information and hit "submit"
3) You are automatically brought to the download page.
4) Click "download" and open the file.
You are now on the path to building your wealth through real estate
foreclosures. That sounds pretty simple, right?
Why not get started right now ?
6. How to Build Massive Wealth Through Real Estate Foreclosures is NOT
You don't have to be a real estate guru to do it. If you can follow
directions, organize your time, and apply a work ethic, then you can
make my formula work.

7. My product is the ONLY technology based on my unique combination of
sales, real estate investing, marketing, and pyschology.

You will find psychological insights into the human brain and how
people think if you read the product THREE TIMES. These insights are
not obvious to the casual reader.
You will discover that the formula contains a unique blend of
technology and insight not available anywhere else.
8. My formula is practical and not theoretical.
So many people who teach real estate have never had a real estate job
in their life. Ask them!
I have. I've been in the sales trenches and a licensed agent as well
as investor for almost a third of my life. I've made thousands in a
matter of hours through real estate investing. I didn't just write an
ebook one day and pronounce myself an expert on marketing. I didn't
just all of a sudden show up and start speaking at seminars. I've
spent a lifetime studying and perfecting these techniques.
My formula is credible information based on my real-world experience.

9. I don't promise you'll get rich or other nonsense.
I don't promise or imply you'll get rich. That's b.s. To be honest,
legal and ethical, I state that I don't know you, your background,
intelligence or anything else. As a result, I don't guarantee or
represent you'll make a dime. I do guarantee your money back if you try
the formula as presented and it doesn't work for you.

10. Don't be overly impressed by screen captures of massive amounts of
money and gigantic checks.
I provide a few screen captures in my letter. It does help some people
to believe it's possible to make money in real estate. But you know
what? Most of the ones I see in ads aren't worth the pixels they're
printed on. Why? One, you better check online to see if the person had
legal entanglements. Did they make the money morally and ethically?
Two, the people I know making gigantic (and I mean gigantic) checks are
major real estate developers and investors that already have millions
of dollars. They are not real estate novices with no or very little

My product works for ordinary people like you and me. There are money
making techniques in this product that work if you have terrible
credit, no credit, and no upfront cash at all.

Here's the cost and why it's worth every penny.

It's amazing!

I've actually asked people what they think my product should cost. To
my disbelief, some people say no more than $50. What? Are you

I'll tell you right upfront: I'm NOT going to lay out my best
information that has cost me a fortune in time and dollars to uncover
for virtually nothing.

Truth is, you get what you pay for.

You don't know this. But my consulting fees are $500 an hour. Not a
lot. But I do charge that. No bull. Why? Because for the people I work
with, I should be able to make them many times more than that by
strategizing with them.

I figure I have at least $8,000 of my time in this system. My price
isn't cheap but it's extremely fair. It's $137 (Please see special
marketing test below).

Special Marketing Test:
I'm offering a very limited HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT (only for a couple days
as a test). If you order my product *before* (Midnight), , you can get
your copy for only $69. The price, however, is only good if you order
by this date. I'm doing this to see if the increase in sales outweighs
my lower profit margin. If it doesn't, and you buy the product after
this date, expect to pay the normal price of $137.
PLEASE (I'm asking nicely!) do not email me and get upset if you try
and order after this date and I am no longer accepting orders at this

If you consider the fact that you can make this investment back ten
thousand times over in as little as ONE DAY (and you'll be able to make
easy profits forever), then this tiny investment is more than fair.

Many have told me that this price is way too cheap. So I might be
raising the price very soon.

"One of the best real estate deals that I made following Jeff's
information allowed me to make a $27,000 profit in only 30 days! I'm a
part-time real estate investor that works up to 5 hours per month
outside of my full-time job. If I can make money following his
information, then anybody can."
Chris Bayer,
Human Resources

Thanks for your foreclosure course.
Robert Pelon,
Options Market Maker


Click The Play Button
To Hear His Message
"I know of people that paid $16,000 for real estate seminars that
didn't learn what I did from this product. I'm always trying to stay
on the cutting-edge and this information gave me some tools that nobody
else teaches. I'm looking forward to owning a new home purchased
through a foreclosure. Thanks again."

100% Better-Than-Risk-Free
Your 'Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain'
Moneyback Guarantee

Here's the guarantee: Get my product. Read through it and TRY IT OUT.
If you aren't thrilled with the results anytime within the first 90
days, I'm going to give you your money back. All I ask is that you try
out my simple formula and give it a shot. Just give it a fair effort.
If you aren't satisfied with your results, I don't want your money.

Furthermore, I'm going to give you these bonuses, worth over $662 no
matter what you decide.

This isn't for the 1% of people who would abuse this guarantee by
buying the product and then getting their money back right away. This
is for the 99% of people who are honest, but naturally skeptical.

If you order before midnight, , you'll also receive 7 incredible

BONUS #1 Audio Interview:
You'll get a 90 minute audio recording that I did with a marketer that
leaves no stone unturned. He grills me with hard hitting questions
about the truth in real estate investing-- where to find homes, how to
flip properties, condominium conversions, risks involved with renting,
and much more. Some information I didn't want to reveal, but he gets me
talking. Valued at $87-- it's yours FREE if you place your order by the

BONUS #2 Fixer Upper Fortunes:
Learn a simple, paint-by-numbers system for making massive fortunes in
just 45 days in your own outrageously profitable real estate fixer
upper business. This report is courtesy of my millionaire real estate
investor friend and colleague who has made small fortunes in the rehab
business and now shares his knowledge through his books and courses. A
$37 value given to you for FREE when you order by the deadline.

BONUS #3 Hidden Preforeclosure Leads & REO's:

Here are 3 of my best kept secrets that I use to find thousands of
foreclosures and REO's to fuel my database. This information can create
you thousands in profits and save you weeks, if not months of your
valuable time. My colleagues have begged me not to reveal this
information, but I'm letting the cat out of the bag. Companies charge
$360 for a one year list of these properties, but I show you exactly
where to go to get a flood of foreclosure properties and I'm not
charging you a dime! These 3 techniques may bring you so much quick
profit that I could charge at least $250 just to reveal them! You get
them FREE when you place an order by the deadline.

BONUS #4 5 Must Know Strategies For Successful


One option you'll discover when buying foreclosures is that you may
decide to keep these properties for long periods of time and have
renters pay for them! Not only did you buy it below market value, but
now someone else is paying for your home while you own it. It doesn't
get much better than that! I reveal 5 Must Know strategies to reduce
your management headaches. Being a landlord can be tough work, but not
if you know these techniques. Knowing just one of these can save you a
boatload of time, money, and frustration! You don't want to miss
these. A $50 value given to you for FREE.

BONUS #5 9 Proven Ways To Enhance Your Credit Score
and Skyrocket Investment

Enhance your credit score and increase your investing power! While it
is NOT necessary to have good credit in real estate investing (and I
reveal sneaky, yet perfectly legal ways to buy real estate with poor
credit), it CAN increase your investing opportunities. I had no credit
when I started in real estate, and I give you my best techniques to get
your credit score increased fast. If you're not doing this, then
you're hurting your climb to financial independence. This report is
valued at $35.

BONUS #6 Free Subscription To My Online Newsletter

Get a FREE 1-year subscription to my real estate newsletter. You'll
receive tips, techniques, resources, secrets and no B.S. strategies to
take your investing to new heights. You'll blow away the competition
by adding this to your personal library. This is all sent right to
your email where you can print each lesson outand file it for safe
keeping. Valued at $197

BONUS #7 Lifetime Upgrades:

For a limited time only, I'm offering FREE lifetime upgrades when you
place your order by the deadline. I'm always hard at work upgrading
my product with the lastest information and newest technology. This is
a $50 value.

That's Right! All the risk is on me!

Order by midnight, , and get the entire "How To Build Massive Wealth
Through Real Estate Foreclosures" product and you'll receive all 7
bonuses worth over $662 absolutely FREE! And if you are not happy at
any time up to 90 days after owning my product, simply ask for a

No B.S., no silly questionnaires, and no hard feelings.

You'll get a prompt and courteous refund-- no questions asked! Plus,
you'll get to keep the product and all of the 7 bonuses as my gift to
you for your troubles.

It's easy to order my product. Just click the link below.

We accept major credit cards.

Now Only $69


Instant Download!

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 A.M.

If you want to pay by Cashier's Check or Money Order, then print your
full name, address, and e-mail address on a piece of paper with the
words "How To Build A Massive Fortune Through Real Estate

Mail your Cashier's Check or Money Order to the address below:

Massive Real Estate Profits
PO Box 1002
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303


Real estate investing course to make money through foreclosues and
Jeffrey Ringold, CEO

P.S. You may be asking yourself whether you want to gamble $137
(Special: One time payment of only $69) on a product like this.
Friend, that's exactly why I've offered my "90-day, nothing-to-lose"
guarantee for years. If my product doesn't deliver, then I'm the one
who eats his shirt-- not you!

You must be absolutely thrilled with this product or: 1. You keep the
entire product for free; 2. You keep all 7 bonuses worth $662; and 3.
I'll give you a 100% refund. That's a guaranteed gain for you, no
matter what you decide.

P.P.S. "How To Build Massive Wealth Through Real Estate Foreclosures"
is a product that is downloaded from our private download page. You can
own it and have it in your hands in the next 3 minutes (nothing is
physically shipped to your home).

P.P.P.S. I can only guarantee the $662 in FREE bonuses if your order
is placed by the deadline so order now through our secured server!

Need Customer Support?
Email Us

Order Now!

Click here now to order through our secured server.-
Instant Download!

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Heads up: There's an ongoing spamdexing of Google searchbot algorithms. Sites that are 'copies of copies' and cloaked sites which include Zorgium keywords presented to search engine crawlers yet garbage content presented to human visitors were hosted on thousands of IP addresses and domains registered immediately after the introduction of Zorgium in November of 2009. The Hostgator/'The Planet'/Softlayer datacenters in Texas seem to be the epicenter of this activity in conjunction with anonymously registered domains of various TLD's but primarily .info domains at Godaddy which, in our opinion, has some sort of connection to the domains of goldmint.in and goldmint.org. Google has begun to notice this and has begun to lower the ranking of these sites and put our original sites back on top of the search rankings. These actions, as far as we can tell, negatively impact the use of the keyword 'zorgium' as a search term and provided little benefit, if any, to the perpetrators.

ZORGIUM note to content providers: If you don't want your page to appear in Zorgium's search abstraction then put an exclusion for "Zorgium" in your web server's robots.txt file.

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